Pick Your Upgrade Battles

Harry Marks:

Why do we drop $20+, $50+, $100+ on some software updates without flinching – software updates containing features we already paid for – but an independent developer is trying to stay alive in a niche category and suddenly we’re Norma Rae-ing over $2?

Ridiculously low prices and lack of upgrades in the app store creates real problems for developers who want to build and maintain high quality apps.

Breaking Even in iOS?

A rather depressing article at Ars Technica of iOS developer success (or lack thereof) — if you’re not near the top of the charts, you probably aren’t even breaking even.

Developer Jonathan Rentzsch had slightly more cynical advice for developers considering breaking in to the iOS market. Instead of going into business for yourself, consider contracting out work to larger companies with big budgets.

“It’s no secret that the money in the App Store is the contracts writing the apps, not in selling the apps themselves,” he said.

Just a Mistake

The American military claimed responsibility and expressed regret for an airstrike that mistakenly killed six members of a family in southwestern Afghanistan, Afghan and American military officials confirmed Monday.

Seems to me that only one of these mistakes should be enough to end America’s so-called War on Terror. But of course it will continue, and more innocent people will be killed.